Used Book Buying Guidelines

When We Buy

We do not buy books in January. No Exceptions. At all other times of year, the guidelines below, apply.

How We Buy


We buy a limited number of books for store credit at any time during our operating hours. Please bring no more than 25 books at once. We have limited space available to us and even less storage. We will not consider your books at all if you exceed our stated quantity specifications.

For larger quantities, please call for an appointment. We will fit you in as soon as we possibly can.

• No drop-offs will be accepted unless pre-arranged by phone with management.
• 10% of cover price is given in the form of cash or 15-20% in the form of store credit which never expires.
• No combination of the two will be given and store credit can never be converted to cash. There are no exceptions.

What We Buy

• Books may not have writing or highlighting of any kind (including on the covers and publishing page).
• No water damaged or otherwise stained books.
• No books with broken, cocked, or otherwise damaged bindings. No ex-library books.
• No out-dated health,diet, or travel books.
• No textbooks. No computer books or other technical manuals that quickly become out-dated (including test preparation books). No out-dated business books.
• No Harlequin or similar romance series.
• No books on tape or other audio or video materials.
• No magazines, scientific journals, comic books, or periodicals of any sort.
• No Time Life or National Geographic series.
• If a book is determined yellow with age or the paper is brittle, it cannot be accepted.
• We keep multiple copies on a relatively small percentage of titles, and will not buy extras in most cases.